Creative Makeup Competition

We are happy to announce the next IUM annual international makeup competition will take place on April 4th 2020 at the For Beauty Fair - Prague. 

Tema: Human VS Nature

1st price: Professional high Quality Swedish makeup product worth 1000 EUR from Mist Stockholm

2nd price: Professional high Quality Swedish makeup product worth 500 EUR from Mist Stockholm

3rd price: Professional high Quality Swedish makeup product worth 300 EUR from Mist Stockholm





The following is a list of THINGS ALLOWED in this category: 

∑  False eyelashes

∑  Eye lenses

∑  Glitter, Crystals, Feathers

∑  Wigs or headpieces

∑  Decoration accessories on the head and shoulders

∑ All decorations on a glue base should take no more than 20% of the face.



 The following is a list of things NOT ALLOWED in this category:

∑ To use any prosthetics or latex based items

∑ Masks, mask pieces or other special effects.

∑ Glasses

∑ Airbrush and stencils

∑ Any material that obscures more than 20% of the face.         




· The competition theme is open for the competitor to create   whatever their

   imagination holds.


   Any competitor that will disregard the rules, will be disqualified.



· Competitors must supply their own model (male or female) and all materials needed to produce the finished look. If the competitor can’t provide their own model, they have the opportunity to get a local model from Prague assigned. The local model needs to be booked latest February 20th 2020 through info@iumhe.com

· Models and Competitors must report to the competition area one (1) hour

  before the start of the competition.


· Due to the limited time,  clothing must be completed before the start of the competition.


· The hair and any work on the body must be done during the competition. The hair can be done by an assistant during the competition’s time.


·It is not allowed to prepare any makeup, hairstyle or body work before the competition starts.


· If the look is not completed at the end of the allotted time – the entry is

  judged as it stands.


· All makeup must be done by the competitor.


·All models and competitors must sign a release form giving permission for

 photos and video to be used by IUM International Union for Makeup and Hairstylist Education.

local Models can be orgenizes for the competitors by the IUM. cost for a model 50 eur.


-The IUM has a cooperation with a hotels in Prague as an accomondation during the fair. The costs for 2 person double rooms will be 100€, for models/competitors in a shared room will be 50€ per person. 

Please inform us until 31 January 2020 , under info@iumhe.com who and how many of you will need a hotel room.

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